Botho Case Studies

We help public and private sector stakeholders navigate the changing world by recognizing opportunity, clarifying vision, creating strategies, implementing action, and measuring results. Leveraging our industry knowledge and networks, we design strategies that help clients succeed in complex emerging markets. The three following case studies highlight our dynamic approach to problem-solving.

accelerating private sector investment in refugee education

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In places like the Horn of Africa where prolonged humanitarian crisis and conflict have resulted in years of displacement for youth, education remains a powerful tool towards empowerment. However, the opportunity for post-secondary education is severely limited for displaced youth and refugee children and adolescents. To accelerate investment in post–secondary education, a multilateral institution engaged Botho to devise a strategy to promote and increase private sector engagement in post-secondary refugee education and galvanise support for the broader refugee cause.

Botho developed a holistic, multi-pronged approach to private sector engagement encompassing knowledge-sharing, collaborative problem-solving, policy engagement as well as technical assistance. This blueprint for engaging the Kenyan private sector identified new avenues to unlock long-term engagement and financial assistance, designed a multi-sectoral collaborative vision featuring tailored innovative educational solutions, and generated investment in the local refugee-host communities.

In a short amount of time Botho took to the field, and surveyed and conducted focus groups with seasoned executives across a diverse set of industries. Following the research stage, the Botho team led a half-day cross-sector ‘sprint’ to develop practical and innovative solutions, elements of which are already being implemented, and designed an interactive event convening over fifty prominent Kenyan private sector figures to rigorously evaluate the options. Within three months of the project, Botho staff led the development of a scholarship scheme in partnership with a local private university and secured an early-stage commitment from telecommunications companies to expand their service offerings supporting digital education.

Our community-centred and solutions-oriented approach has laid the groundwork to develop and present a broader private sector engagement strategy reflecting the unique context of the East African business community.

developing a robust strategy to catalyse the cotton, textile and apparel sector in e. africa

cotton kenya

Southern and Eastern Africa is the largest organic cotton production region in Africa, with the highest levels of production coming from Uganda and Tanzania. The garment industry, for example, is a priority sub-sector as part of the Government of Tanzania’s strategy to achieve status of a middle income country by 2025. Meanwhile, in Ethiopia, companies such as H&M, Tesco and Walmart all source apparel locally. However, while growing at a promising rate, the cotton, textile and apparel (CTA) sector in the region continues to suffer from low private sector engagement and a slow pace of reforms negatively impacting investor confidence.

Botho was approached by a non-profit international multi-stakeholder industrial development initiative to examine the CTA sector and to deliver a strategy for the sector’s structural transformation through a focus on enhanced growth and competitiveness in East Africa. Botho benchmarked the CTA industry against a number of criteria: job creation, market potential, dynamism and innovativeness, independence from government and political interests, potential for technology transfer, feasibility, value for money, and regional sequencing.

Following rigorous analysis, Botho advised the client on which private sector entry points they should prioritize based on their transformative potential. Botho recommended that the industry initiative consider Textiles and Apparel as two interrelated but distinct industries deserving of unique strategies. Following the conclusion of the report, the industry initiative re-focused its efforts to better support domestic and international manufacturing companies in establishing production in Export Promotion Zones, and building local apparel manufacturing capacity.  

Advising a financial services institution on Africa expansion and partner identification

A leading Mauritius-based financial services institution sought an advisory partner with a track record of blue-chip financial services companies across the continent.

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During the first phase of the engagement, Botho shortlisted 5 prospective vibrant, viable investment destinations in Eastern, Western and Southern Africa based on specific criteria jointly defined by Botho and the client. To whittle down the prospective candidates, Botho’s team conducted a working paper based on secondary research and analysis, as well as interviews with key players in each market.

In the second phase, Botho conducted in-person market assessments, identifying potential partners, competitors, challenges, and opportunities. This project culminated in a recommendation identifying the country and sector best positioned to deliver long-term growth. Botho also shared its market entry strategy for each market, which the client decided to pursue following the conclusion of this project.

In the third and final phase, Botho also helped the client implement the strategy, successfully enabling them to set up their first office on the African continent.