About the Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence (SACE)

Botho Emerging Markets Group’s Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence (SACE) is a non-profit research centre that promotes the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between China and Africa. Since 2009, China has been Africa’s largest trade partner — a growing source of exports such as machinery and manufactured goods and imports like minerals and fuels. As a key financier of infrastructure and provider of loans, China is a critical part of Africa’s growth story. Similarly, as China positions itself as a global powerhouse, African markets are increasingly targets for Chinese companies expanding overseas and a gateway to global influence. Botho Emerging Markets Group builds mutually beneficial ties for trade and investment between China and Africa by producing and disseminating high-quality, independent policy research, events, and trade missions aimed at catalyzing economic development and partnerships across these key emerging markets.

博森新兴市场集团旗下的中非卓越SACE是一个非营利的智库,一直致力于促进中非之间知识成果,观点和经验交流。自2009年以来,中国一直是非洲最大的贸易伙伴,双方都有持续增长的进出口交易 - 中国出口机械和工业品,同时进口矿物和燃料等。作为基础设施和贷款的主要提供者,中国是非洲发展的重要组成部分。随着中国将自己定位为全球化驱动力,非洲市场越来越成为中国企业在海外拓展和全球影响力的门户。中非卓越SACE将通过高质量,独立的实地调研和商务活动建立互惠互利中非贸易和投资纽带,并促进新兴市场之间的经济发展和合作。